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Random Acts of Kindness: Bilingual Babes

This is the third installment in our new series on Random Acts of Kindness. Each week a different blogger will share about a day that they and their little ones dedicated to committing random acts of kindness. Readers will have a chance to share their own experiences with committing random acts of kindness on our […]

Fall Traditions: Multicultural Kids Blogging Carnival

Welcome to our very first Multicultural Kids Blogging Carnival!   I am so honored to be working with the wonderful bloggers that form the Multicultural Kid Blogs group.  Today marks the beginning of a new collaboration: a monthly blogging carnival, where we share posts that we have each written on a topic of common interest. This […]

World Citizen Wednesdays #2

Welcome to World Citizen Wednesdays, a new feature on All Done Monkey! Each week we pose a question to members of the fabulous Multicultural Kid Blogs group and share their answers here. You can find out more about these wonderful bloggers by visiting our Facebook page, subscribing to our Facebook feed, following us on Twitter, […]

Multicultural Corner: Guest Post on Hartlyn Kids

I am so excited to be featured on Hartlyn Kid’s Multicultural Corner today!  Hartlyn Kids is an independent children’s book publishing company that specializes in multicultural kids’ books.  As part of that mission, they have a regular “Multicultural Corner” feature, where they introduce readers to bloggers with a passion for culture, diversity, and travel.  We […]

The Name Game: Naming Baby in a Bilingual Household – Part 2

Last week we shared some about our journey naming our little Monkeys.  While naming a baby is always a challenge, it is further complicated in households where more than one language is spoken or more than one culture represented.  As a result, we solicited stories from other multilingual/multicultural families about naming their little ones.  We […]

October Blogging Carnival on Bilingualism

The October Bilingualism Carnival is up!  So excited to have our post on Naming a Baby in a Bilingual Household included!  Many thanks to this month’s host, Bilingual Babes! October Blogging Carnival on Bilingualism

The Name Game: Naming Baby in a Bilingual Household – Part 1

Now that I have entered the third trimester of my pregnancy, we are renewing our efforts to pick a name for our Baby Monkey.  It took us forever to decide on a name for our older son.  In fact, we didn’t settle on one until a week before he was born, though my husband was […]