Playdates Blog Hop

Kids Playing Leapfrog - Playdate Blog Hop - Alldonemonkey.comLove hosting playdates for your child but feel like you’re always doing the same old thing?  If you need inspiration, look no further!

Playdates are a wonderful way to help your child build relationships with other kids, learn about sharing, and just plain have fun!  They are also a great way for you to spend time with other parents.  For many of us, they have become one of our main social outlets.

So why not make them even better??  Check out the links in this fun blog hop to get fresh ideas on how to organize and energize your playdates, or simply get some perspectives on how to make playdates work for you and your child.

Participating Blogs:

We are pleased to host this blog hop with the following wonderful blogs.  Be sure to check them out!

GoKidYourself (Principal Hostess)

Learn with Play at Home

Coffee Cups and Crayons Toddlers Playing in Large Tires - Playdate Blog Hop - Alldonemonkey.com

Caution! Twins at Play

Critters and Crayons

Playdates Blog Hop:

This is a blog hop about PLAYDATES (as opposed to birthday & holiday parties).  Link up your great ideas about playdates, such as playdate ideas, themed playdates, in-home playdates, field trip playdates, why they’re beneficial for mom too, why your kid hates/loves playdates, and so on … anything about playdates!

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2 comments on “Playdates Blog Hop

  1. Now this is something I never thought about blogging playdates! 🙂 My li’l one and I belong to a Mommy/Kids playdate group; and have had plenty of playdates and pictures! 🙂 Thanks Leanna!! Love the suggestions, and ideas.

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