August Culture Swapper is Live!

I am proud to be co-hosting the Worldwide Culture Swappers link up, created and sponsored by Worldwide Culture Swap.  If you haven’t checked out this remarkable program yet, you really should!  It’s a wonderful, concrete way of helping kids feel connected to other children around the world.

The monthly Worldwide Culture Swapper is an extension of this program, letting bloggers link up blog posts or photos about anything related to culture, geography, language, traditions, customs, etc.

Each month favorites will be highlighted on the Worldwide Culture Swap website and Facebook page.

And now on to this month’s Culture Swappers Link up….

The rules
  • Link up any family friendly activity, craft, recipe, articles and posts that say a bit about your nationality or one that you are learning about.
  • You can submit more than one link so come back throughout the month to share your activities.
  • By linking you are giving us permission to feature your activity on our website and Facebook page.
  • Please grab a Culture Swapper badge from the sidebar and put it somewhere on your blog (or add a text link to us in your post).
  • Sorry, no giveaways or shops.

A new Link up will start on the first day of every month.

Let’s see what you’ve been up to!


4 comments on “August Culture Swapper is Live!

  1. […] you had a chance to check out the Culture Swapper lately?  We’re up to 31 crafts, recipes, and activity ideas from around the […]

  2. Wonderful idea! I’m happy to ge a part of it :0)

  3. […] along with Kid World Citizen and the Culture Swapper’s creator, Worldwide Culture Swap.  Last month we had an amazing collection, and this month looks to be just as amazing, with activities and […]

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